Dartford Crossing Charge

How Much Is The Dartford Crossing Charge?

The Dartford bridge is responsible for connecting the region of Dartford to Kent. The bridge also serves an important purpose as a link between the north and south of the country. When you consider how important the Dartford bridge is to the UK's functionality and economy, you won't mind paying the small fee to move your car across it.

Have A Normal Car?

For a Normal car or mini van, you can move across the Dartford bridge for as little as £2.50 if you're just making a single trip. If you happen to have a commercial account with the agency, you will only have to pay £1.67.

For those who are residents of the Dartford area, it may be worth it to get a discount account. If you log onto https://www.gov.uk/dartford-crossing-fees-exemptions-penalties you will be able to make one. A local residentsdiscount account will allow you to pay a one time fee of £10 per year for 50 crossings. Any additional crossings are charged at 20 pence each. If you like, you can also choose to pay £20 as a one time fee for unlimited crossings.

Vans Loaded With Goods

Some vans are put into a second category where a higher fee is charged. You can tell if your van will be subject to this amount by how many seats it has. If there are over nine seats, you will be responsible for paying £3 for a single trip. Your van will also be placed into this category if it is commercial or carrying a lot of goods.

For those with a commercial account, the fee is only £2.63 for a single trip across. The local area discount is the same for these types of vehicles as it is for your run-of-the-mill sedans.

Dartford Crossing Charge: Have A Vehicle Larger Than 2 Axles?

For those who are trying to transport a vehicle larger than 2 axles across the Dartford Bridge, the charge is quite a bit higher. You will need to pay £6 for a single trip. This amount is reduced to £5.19

if you have a commercial account. Since most vehicles this large are used for commercial purposes, it's likely the company you work for has one. Unfortunately, you're unable to get a local resident discount account with this type of vehicle.

Dartford Crossing Charge: What If I Can't Pay?

Remember, you no longer pay at the barrier to use the bridge. Instead, you go online to the Darftordbridge's .Gov site to pay your fee. If you've already paid your £10 for the year, there's no reason to think about it anymore.

If you have not paid your fee by midnight of the day that you crossed, you will be charged £70. This £70 is due in 28 days. If you pay early, it will reduce to £35. Paying late will mean that you'll owe £105.

The Fees You Pay Help Keep The Bridge Functional

Bridges and roads need up-keep. That's part of the reason why we pay a fee when we use them. Without the money from the toll, there would be no way to keep up with the bridge's maintenance. Pot holes and other problems would be damaging vehicles. That's something the government would like to avoid.

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