New Driver Insurance

Congratulations on passing your driving test! As a new driver, you will find that finding cheap car insurance will prove difficult. Without any accrued no claims bonus or driving history, you will pose a higher risk to insurance companies. This is why you should compare prices with multiple companies, as each will cater to a different type of driver.

Save time and money

Our quotes system makes comparing prices quick and easy. One simple form brings back quotes from over 100 UK insurers. Review the details of each policy summary (presented on a single page) and choose the best price.

Pass Plus driving course

By completing the government Pass Plus driving course which is made up of six modules, you will be sent a Pass Plus certificate from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). You will then be entitled to claim a discount off your car insurance policy.

Specialist Insurers

You will easily spot those providers which cater to new drivers when their lower prices are listed amongst the other policies. Not every insurance company specialises in new driver insurance, but you will find them amongst our panel of insurers.

Buy online

Purchase your car insurance online and get instant cover. No waiting in queues or having to talk to a sales agent on the phone.

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