Black Box Car Insurance

5 Types Of Drivers Who Can Benefit From Black Box Car Insurance

Black box car insurance is an insurance that is based not on the driver’s record but on the driver's driving behavior. The black box is installed in the car by a professional and when you drive it tracks your behavior and then reports it back to the insurance company. Your premium will then be set based on the report the insurance company receives.

Below you will find a few types of drivers that could benefit from this type of black box car insurance.

Teen Drivers

Drivers between the ages of 17 and 24 are said to be responsible for a ton of claims to insurance companies. The black box makes it possible for the insurance company to see exactly how responsible the young driver is. If it is deemed that they are responsible drivers, then the insurance premiums may be significantly lower than they would be with another policy.

New Drivers

You don’t have to be a teenager to just be getting your driver’s license for the first time. Even if you are an adult just getting your license for the first time, you are considered a risk to the insurance company, because you have limited experience on the roadways. Black box insurance can help you here. The safer you drive, the lower your premiums will be every month.

Daytime Drivers

If you are the type of driver that only travels during the daylight hours, then black box insurance may be just the thing for you. The nighttime hours or driving in the small hours of the morning is considered to be much riskier than driving in the full daylight.

However, many black box companies will charge fines for drivers who are said to be daytime drivers and then choose to drive at night, past the curfew that is set by the company itself. Still, if you are the type that only drives during the day, you could end up with lower premiums.

Careful Drivers

If you pride yourself on your driving record and being a really safe driver, you may benefit greatly from the black box insurance premiums. Some insurance companies review your account every three months and if you are driving carefully, you can get a discount on top of your low monthly premiums.

Drivers Who Have Low Mileage

If you are the type of driver that doesn’t drive very often, then it makes no sense to pay the high premiums that normal drivers do. If you don’t drive often and have low mileage, then black box insurance will be the best option for you.

There are many companies that will let you buy more mileage insurance if you go over as well, sort of a buy as you go type of insurance plan.

These are just a few of the drivers who could benefit from black box insurance. If you don’t drive often, are a teen driver, or even drive only in the day time, then this type of insurance can certainly save you money on your insurance premiums.

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